PRIVACY INFORMATION:

1. The limited info we collect is kept private and confidential. We never sell, rent or reveal it to other sites, nor any 3rd parties (unless compelled by court order). We may contact you if there is a dispute, but your information will not be revealed unless you specifically authorize it.

2. In ALL cases, your e-mail address is kept secret. You will not get junk e-mail, nor do we sell, rent or reveal your e-mail address to other sites. We only send you updates and info for our site, which may contain ads for affiliated sites, but only as part of our communications with you.

3. We only collect information to facilitate our contact with you. Credit card info is only visible to our e-commerce partners. Please contact us for their privacy policy.

4. If you need to update your information that we have on file with us, please send us an e-mail with the updated information.

5. Children and minors under the age of 20 are not eligible to sign up for our services. Please have your parents or guardians assist you with signing up.

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